Meet The Counsel – Lisa C. Holloway


Listen below to the audio from the child that Lisa Holloway has worked tirelessly to keep silent. Lisa seems to enjoy defending child abusers.

Despite being acutely aware of the actions of her client, to include the video footage displayed on this site and witnessing Alexandra have a psychotic break at their first meeting, Lisa has stood by and knowingly brought false entries to the court. Lisa doesn’t discriminate in her law practices as it appears she will take on any client and do their bidding, showing just how sleazy attorneys really can be.

Upon further interaction, it would appear that the “C” is short for Cunt. That’s correct. Lisa Holloway has attempted to blackmail this site as of an email sent today. Has stated that sharing her client’s actions with the world was unfair. That’s correct… In Lisa’s world, it’s morally-centered to try to make a 100% disabled veteran who is on disability homeless. No, not because there’s equity in property, but because that’s how she operates. Furthermore, she has argued in front of the court that disabilities should be ignored so that her client can afford a 1% lifestyle, at the cost of the victims of her client.

Congrats Lisa!!!! You are definitely subhuman pond scum.