Meet The Beater – Alexandra N Wiley

Meet the Counsel

Alexandra Wilhelm Alexandra Wiley

Alexandra has a long-running history of mental-illness, without active treatment. Her illness caused her to repeatedly abuse a special-needs child under her care for nearly 10 years. That’s correct, abused her own step-daughter. Incidents that came to light ranging from pushing said minor child down a flight of stairs, to throwing same child to ground, kicking her in the head, then drug her across the home by her hair.

A scam-artist by trade, fired from more than one job for questionable behavior, and currently employed under false pretenses. That’s correct, in a profession that required licensing, she was unable to pass her Texas adjusters exam, so she brought it home and asked that I take the test for her.

When she was faced with divorce, she chose to scam the courts as well. Providing falsified financial affidavits, misrepresentation of all the facts, and continuing her journey of deception, as a corrupt county judge has worked to ignore all evidence against her. That’s correct, he’s been made aware that she attacked my daughter despite his worthless protective order and still did nothing.

Alexandra Wiley has received more than $80k from me in under 2 years that she has squandered. She’s failed to pay every bill that she has, then runs to court screaming broke. Apparently, she feels that despite having a $65k salary  she needs an additional $48k from a severely disabled veteran. A veteran that she was paid over $2k per month to provide care for, up until June 0f 2016.

Yes folks. This woman is that sleazy. Goes from being paid to provide care for a  100% disabled veteran to extorting more than $4k per month from them. Very classy.