Join The Fight

Attend a session in his court to see the abuse of power on a nearly daily basis. Per his own 2013 statement from the Huffington Post ‘Garcia took notice of the trend, saying that the judges who selected him “sent a message to the Latino community that told them they are not going to be ignored. They are going to be represented, and there’s going to be justice at this courthouse.”’

He appears to be continuing his activism against white citizens within Will County. I know, as he personally ensured that a mentally unstable woman was given a .45 caliber handgun, when she did not possess any firearms previously. He then assessed me at $4000 per month in unallocated support, as a 100% service-connected disabled veteran. When given evidence of my disability, he chose to pursue me with a vengeance. When the mentally-ill woman violated her own restraining order, he chose to not allow evidence in court that would’ve shown her violation, then dismissed the restraining order, and ignored further evidence of her instability, and actually threatened to incarcerate anyone that brought it up. This man NEVER called child services, never allowed a victim to speak on their behalf, then attempted to bully any attempts to get justice for her.


A father and severely injured veteran of the war in Iraq, I’ve committed myself to making sure this crooked judge is stopped before he can continue his assault on abuse victims and the laws he is supposed to follow.